A Partnership with BHS Connect is a Smart Decision for your Medical Practice or Health System

Medical information isn't just data-as-usual. It's highly personal, highly confidential, highly complicated, and highly regulated. We take the hassle out of your release of medical information, allowing you to focus on your practice.

Let BHS Connect give you your time back.

Improves staff morale resulting in happier patients.

Increases efficiency and your bottom line.

Worry about breaches and fines is eliminated.

Doesn’t cost you a cent and can result in better profitability.

The Benefits of BHS’ Superior Technology

• Eliminates EHR printing for all disclosures saving time and lowering risk of breaches. 

• Institutes 100% review of all authorized releases for your peace of mind. 

• Ensures all disclosed records are individually identified giving you protection from breaches.

• Patient and national requester system validations eliminating HIPAA violations

• Ensures all released documents are kept electronically in image and log format so you can protect and serve your patients

Covent Bridge

"Your electronic Portal was PERFECT. That was fast and easy. Thank you so very much. I wish everyone would process requests in a timely manner like you. Much appreciated by me, the insurance company and the next of kin. Thank you!"

Jim Carpenter

CoventBridge, Investigator


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