Argon Releases Universal IVC Filter Removal Kits

Argon Medical Devices, a company based out of Frisco, Texas, is launching two kits for retrieving inferior vena cava (IVC) filters.

IVC filters are used to prevent pulmonary embolisms, but when a patient no longer needs one it has to be removed. The two Argon kits are designed to fish out any retrievable IVC filter on the market via the jugular vein.

The devices feature an outer sheath integrated with a coil to accurately deliver appropriate strength at the distal end, helping to pop off the filter legs from the wall of the IVC. Three sets of radiopaque markers make it easy to see the location of the instrument and a fifteen degree curve near the end allows for improved directionality.

“We are excited to improve the IVC filter retrieval options available to our customers with the introduction of these new products,” said George A. Leondis, President and CEO of Argon Medical Devices, in a press release. “Our Single-Loop and Triple-Loop Retrieval Kits are the only two kits cleared by the FDA for removing any retrievable IVC filter from a jugular approach. These new products further demonstrate our dedication to our mission to improve the lives of patients and caregivers through the innovation of best-in-class medical devices.”

Product page: Single-loop and Triple-loop Retrieval Kit

Via: Argon Medical Devices

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