BIOTRONIK Releases BIOMONITOR III Injectable Cardiac Monitor

BIOTRONIK is releasing a new version of its popular BIOMONITOR injectable cardiac monitor. The BIOMONITOR III is less than half the size of the BIOMONITOR 2, while offering much clearer signal quality.

It is designed to be injected under the skin, where it can reside for weeks while continuously monitoring and recording the patient’s electrical heart signals. This can help detect cardiac arrhythmias and unexplained syncopes (loss of consciousness). Atrial fibrillation, being one of the greatest culprits in the development of strokes, heart failure, and other conditions, will be the main diagnostic target of the BIOMONITOR III.

The new monitor can significantly increase signal amplitudes and the visibility of p-waves compared with the previous generation of the device, helping cardiologists to better spot arrhythmias.

“What I like about BIOMONITOR III is the ease of use and the high signal fidelity,” said Associate Professor Paul Gould, cardiologist and electrophysiologist at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane, Australia, in a BIOTRONIK press release. “This, coupled with the automatic Home Monitoring, provides an excellent resource to establish a rhythm symptom correlation or to detect occult arrhythmias in my patients.”

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