CleanCase Device-Specific Smart Sterile Covers Going on Sale

SteriDev, a Lansing, Michigan firm, is releasing the first device-specific sterile mobile device coverings. The CleanCase coverings are FDA-compliant and allow surgeons, technicians, and other clinical staff to use smartphones and tablets even in the operating room (OR).

These days, it can be quite a hassle to bring a smartphone in the OR, making it difficult to document and share details about a procedure, take quick notes about something, or simply to photograph a clinical curiosity.

The CleanCase device is designed to make it easy to transfer a non-sterile phone into a sterile case. It requires a sterile user to hold the case, while a non-sterile person drops the phone into a funnel attached to the top of the case. Once the phone is inside, the non-sterile user pops off the funnel and the sterile user closes a small door where the funnel was. The phone is ready to go and will work just like it would without the case, multiple touch points and all.

“The CleanCase is a first-of-its-kind product that will empower physicians to use the best and latest medical technology on their mobile devices, without ever compromising patient safety,” said Rob Zondervan, PhD, Chief Executive Officer at SteriDev, in a statement. “Health care mobile applications are developing at a remarkable rate, and in the hands of a great physician, they can make a real difference in the care of patients. Currently, mobile applications are improving the delivery of health care in non-sterile settings. The CleanCase mobile device covers expand their usage into sterile environments so surgical patients can also benefit.”

Here’s a video introducing the CleanCase and showing exactly how a phone is loaded into it:

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