ControlRad Trace Add-On for C-arms Reduces Radiation Exposure

ControlRad, a company based outside of Atlanta, Georgia, won FDA clearance for its ControlRad Trace radiation reduction solution. Designed for integration with C-arms, the product can help reduce X-ray radiation exposure to patients and nearby clinicians in most fluoroscopic procedures.

The system works thanks to titanium filters that move in front of the X-ray beam, blocking parts of it that would expose areas of the patient’s body not relevant to a given procedure. A tablet interface is used to select the area of interest from an exposure, and all further exposures will result in only that area being illuminated with X-ray radiation. Otherwise the clinical workflow is no different than previous to the installation of the ControlRad Trace.

The company also has a novel eye-tracker that can identify where on a screen a clinician is looking in order to define the area of interest. It seems that product is not part of the latest clearance.

The ControlRad Trace is now being made available and the manufacturer claims it will fit on most existing C-arms.

“With over 17 million fluoroscopic procedures in the U.S. every year, the ControlRad Trace is the only system available that can impact all of them,” said Chris Fair, ControlRad executive vice president and president, Mobile C-arm division, in a press release. “Regardless if it is a pain management treatment, an orthopedic trauma case or even a minimally invasive spine procedure, our technology will reduce radiation exposure and protect those who are saving the lives of others.”

Here’s a company video presenting the technology:

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