D-mine Pump for Continuous Delivery of Parkinson's Meds

EVER Pharma, based in Austria, won CE Mark approval and is releasing its D-mine Pump in Europe. Designed to deliver apomorphine hydrochloride, a dopamine agonist medication used to treat Parkinson’s, it has a few features that are tailored for the patients that it is intended to treat.

Apomorphine hydrochloride helps many Parkinson’s patients, but is usually initially administered on a trial basis to see whether it works well for a given patient and what the benefits are. Some patients undergo continuous infusion of the drug, so that’s where the new pump comes in.

Those with Parkinson’s often have great difficulty controlling anything that requires delicate handling. Therefore, the D-mine has only a few, easily pushed buttons, and an easy to read display. Drug filling of the device is essentially automatic and it doesn’t require any complex flow rate calculations.

“With the development of the EVER Pharma D-mine® Pump for Parkinson’s therapy, we have realized a very ambitious project with challenging requirements. This considerable investment in this product is a clear statement of the spirit of EVER Pharma to focus on patients’ needs and support with customized solutions. EVER Pharma delivers a complete package with its Parkinson’s disease portfolio, from medication to means of administration with innovative Medical Devices”, said Georges Kahwati, General Manager at EVER Pharma GmbH, in a press release.

Product page: D-mine

Via: EVER Pharma

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