FDA Clears Software to Spot Collapsed Lung in Chest X-rays

Zebra Medical Vision, an Israeli firm, landed FDA clearance for the HealthPNX automated chest X-ray analysis software that can independently spot signs of pneumothorax (PNX), colloquially known as collapsed lung. The software can help radiologists quickly and confidently identify the cause of a patient’s symptoms, allowing for emergency treatment to begin ASAP.

Due to a gas buildup within the pleural space, there’s a slight contrast gradient that appears on chest X-rays. This is hard to spot and requires a trained, keen eye. The HealthPNX system processes the digital X-ray image immediately after exposure and immediately raises an alert if it spots PNX. The software annotates the image to give clinicians a clear indication of where the gas buildup is occurring.

The software works thanks to an input of millions of previously gathered X-ray images, with established diagnoses that were used in training the application’s AI brains. Zebra Medical already has a similar product available that spots intracranial hemorrhages on CT scans of the head.

“We are happy to add this important capability to our All-in-One (AI1) package and add more value to busy radiology departments,” in a released statements aid Eyal Gura, Zebra-Med’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Health providers across the U.S. that already use the many Zebra-integrated PACS and worklist systems, will be able to easily deploy our triage solution and improve their patients’ care and outcomes”.

“In a clinical validation study we performed, Zebra-Med’s acute CXR pneumothorax and CT Brain bleed products demonstrated a promising potential to substantially reduce turnaround time and increase the radiologist’s confidence in making these diagnoses,” added Dr. Terence Matalon, Chairman of Imaging at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

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Via: Zebra Medical