First Portable Carb Metabolism Monitor Unveiled

Kyocera of Japan has just unveiled the first carbohydrate metabolism measurement device. The system is portable and users can assess their carbohydrate metabolism just about anywhere. The soon to be released product is a radial arterial pulse wave gyro sensor that analyzes pulse-wave patterns at the wrist. Kyocera hopes that this new device will help with dietary monitoring and help users to manage conditions such as diabetes and pre-diabetes.

The user simply places the sensor against the wrist and in about eight seconds results pop up on an accompanying app on the user’s smartphone. The technology within relies on a pretty cheap gyro, so Kyocera believes that it will be able to begin making the device available for purchase, at a reasonable price, sometime next year. There is no word yet on which markets will be the first to receive the device, as of the press release.


Medgadget Editors

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