High Strength VICI Venous Stent Approved by FDA to Treat Iliofemoral Obstructive Disease

Boston Scientific won FDA approval for its VICI VENOUS STENT for treating iliofemoral venous obstructive disease, a condition in which the veins in the pelvic region become blocked due to a clot or pressure from nearby anatomy, such as caused by May-Thurner syndrome.

Because this stent is expected to be positioned in a place where physical forces put a great deal of external pressure on the vessel, the VICI features a tightly interlaced network of struts that maintain the interior open and free for blood to flow through.

The strength of the stent is uniform throughout its exterior and it’s crush resistant, so pops back after pressure is relieved. “For those suffering from venous obstructive disease, their quality of life may suffer without treatment options optimized for the disease,” said Dr. Mahmood Razavi, St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, California. “With the approval of the VICI stent, clinicians now have access to a stent that was purposely developed and engineered to resist the vessel compression and anatomical tortuosity commonly found within the iliofemoral venous system, enabling our ability to deliver best outcomes for our patients.”

The device was originally developed by VENITI Inc., a company Boston Scientific purchased last year. It has been approved in Europe for over five years now.

Here’s a short Boston Scientific video presenting the VICI:

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