Masimo Radius PPG Wireless Oximeter FDA Cleared

Masimo won FDA clearance for its Radius PPG wireless pulse oximetry sensor. The device features Masimo’s SET Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion technology that stays accurate as the patient moves around and about.

The tetherless product allows patients to freely move about the clinic, going to the bathroom without having to disconnect from the monitor, and in the process saving time for nurses. The technology also helps to keep track of patients while they are on those journeys, which in themselves can provide interesting clinical information.

Data from the Radius PPG is transmitted in real-time to one of any number of compatible monitors that the device can be paired with. It can seamlessly switch from one to another, allowing for easy transfer of patients between wards and clinics.

A battery charge can keep the sensor running for about four days and store 96 hours of continuous readings, particularly important if a wireless connection is not available.

Via: Masimo…