Masimo Unveils Pathway Newborn Oxygen Saturation Visualizer

The first few minutes after birth are critical in a child’s life. Clinicians generally follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association’s International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation when monitoring blood oxygenation during the first ten minutes post birth. This is usually performed “manually,” either with printed charts or simply by a quick reference into one’s memory.

Masimo is now dragging this process into the 21st century by incorporating its new Pathway feature into the company’s Root patient monitor. Developed by Dr. Yacov Rabi, of the Department of Pediatrics at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada, the Pathway is an intuitive visualization of a hospital’s newborn resuscitation protocol along with live blood-oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

This gives clinicians an easy and reliable way to keep an eye on the child and be aware of how far along things are moving.

“We created Pathway to simplify decision making during newborn resuscitation,” said Dr. Rabi in a press release. “I’m especially excited by the ability to review oxygen-saturation-targeting performance post-resuscitation as a means of supporting quality improvement and quality assurance initiatives at each institution.”

Via: Masimo

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