Med-S2T (Skin-to-Thing) Solutions-The Critical and Challenging Pillar of Wearable Medical Devices

As technology transforms our life and our health, and healthcare trends are changing, more and more wearable devices are being developed by innovative and leading companies.

Traditional medical devices are now being replaced by smart and versatile wearable devices which can collect data, analyze it, make diagnosis and take actions. This revolution is driven by the growing and aging population, the increase of chronic illness and the desire to improve life-quality and well-being of people all over the world.

Such companies which are dealing with the development of a wearable medical device, are bringing the IoT (Internet of things) revolutions one step further to IoMT (Internet of Medical Things).

The connection of the device to the user in a sophisticated way, is spreading into new and emerging applications in the wearable technology market. Breakthroughs in pharma and technologies as well as the shift towards personalized medicine and out-of-hospital care are expanding into new and exciting horizons.

Diabetes patients can now monitor and treat their glucose levels everywhere and anytime with devices for smart infusion. Cancer patients can be treated in the comfort of their home, pregnant women can monitor their fetus well-being and cardiac diseases can be monitored remotely and efficiently.

Devices such as drug delivery infusion pumps, ECG and vital signs monitoring, diagnostic devices, nerve stimulation, self-testing, post-operational rehabilitation devices and many more – all of these require a reliable interface to the skin –which Med-S2T defined in the term: ‘Skin-to-Thing’ solution.

The most crucial point of every wearable device is obviously the interface to the user. However, this critical element is often overlooked by medical device developers, left for a later stage of design although at times, it may be the determining factor of implementation of the technology and application.

The challenge of attaching the device to the skin in a conformable manner, while using medical grade materials in a cost effective way, requires a multidisciplinary approach and a firm understanding of clinical characteristics of different patients’ populations, a comprehensive knowledge and experience with biocompatible materials such as skin adhesives, a thorough understanding of human factors and usability challenges in addressing the design of the Skin-to-Thing solution, and the right approach and spectrum of manufacturing technologies in order to provide a cost-effective and optimal solution.

Med-S2T works closely with leading and innovative medical and pharmaceutical companies in order to assure an end-to-end optimal and cost-effective ‘Skin-to-Thing’ solution for innovative wearable devices developers. As a leading excellence center and a trusted resource for tailored ‘Skin-to-Thing’ solutions, Med-S2T provides a comprehensive service which allows developers to focus on their technology while allowing experts to address the device’ ‘Skin-to-Thing’ challenges.

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