New Medical 3D Printer Unveiled by B9Creations

B9Creations, a company out of Rapid City, South Dakota, is releasing its B9 Core Med 500 medical printer, a device based on the popular B9 Core Series line of devices.

The company is already well established in the dentistry field with its high precision 3D printers, but it’s now also forming a new healthcare division to more broadly expand into the medical space.

The device comes along with new medical-grade (ISO 10993) biocompatible materials that work well on the printer.

The firm claims its printers can be printing within 15 minutes of delivery and don’t require calibration at any time.

Using the new printer, clinics, companies, and other institutions can create prototypes for manufactured devices and it can even produce custom devices, in small batches, for application within clinics.

Some of the potential applications of the new printer are listed in a press release from B9Creations:

• Create surgical tools and instrumentation and patient-customized surgical planning models.
• Develop anatomical and pathologically accurate training models for more effective education.
• Customize laboratory and manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures for enhanced productivity.
• Bring medical research to life, with B9Creations material development software suite.

Product page: B9 Core Med 500

Via: B9Creations

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