Percept PC Deep Brain Neurostimulator with BrainSense Cleared in Europe

Medtronic obtained the European CE Mark for its Percept PC neurostimulator that uses smart feedback technology to deliver deep brain stimulation to treat Parkinson’s and other neurologic diseases.

The so-called BrainSense technology powering the Percept PC can record brain signals at the same time that it delivers therapy.

It is compatible with full-body MRI scans in scanners up to 3 Tesla, allowing patients to continue to receive necessary imaging. The implant has a longer battery capacity than Medtronic’s Activa PC deep brain neurostimulator while having a smaller body.

A short pulse width lets the device provide a wider array of stimulation capabilities, which physicians can take advantage of to achieve optimal results. Moreover, the potential to upgrade the system will be useful in the future when expanded capabilities are introduced by Medtronic via a simple software update.

“DBS is proven to significantly improve motor function in people with Parkinson’s disease compared to standard medication alone – but with currently-available systems, physicians need to make therapeutic decisions mostly based on clinical assessments and patient-reported information,” said Professor Andrea Kühn, head of Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation, Charité University Hospital, Berlin, in a Medtronic announcement. “Percept PC with BrainSense technology is a game changer. Patients and their care teams will have objective patient-specific brain signal data – including data recorded outside the clinic in patients’ everyday lives. With this technology, doctors could tailor therapy more precisely to the individual needs of each patient based on data from neuronal activity.”

Via: Medtronic

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