Samsung Launches iQuia Digital Radiography Platform

Samsung is unveiling a new digital radiography platform designed to improve image quality and clinical usability.

The iQuia platform features the brand new iQuia Detector, which is available in two sizes (14” x 17” (S4335-AW) and 17” x 17” (S4343-AW) ) and will be offered on the iQuia GC85A ceiling-based and iQuia GM85 portable digital radiography systems.

The iQuia detector can handle a great deal of patient weight (up to 880 lbs, 400 kg), work with heavy point loads (440 lbs, 200 kg), and resist large bending pressures.

It features IP54 dust and water resistance, and it can detect shocks which can be ameliorated using the accompanying Automatic Defect Calibration system.

Product pages: iQuia GM85; iQuia GC85A

Via: Samsung

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