SmartCuffs Bring Blood Flow Restriction Training to Consumers

CES 2020, the world’s premier gadget show, just kicked off in Las Vegas. A great number of products will be presented that deal with health and medicine, and we have a reporter on site who will be bringing exclusives from the show floor.

One company presenting this year is SmartTools, based outside of Cleveland, Ohio, which is launching new blood flow restriction (BFR) cuffs for athletes and extreme fitness buffs. BFR is used in rehab facilities to minimize loss of muscle mass, so there’s serious interest for people to try the same to help maximize muscle mass for enhanced athleticism.

The SmartCuffs are placed on the upper arm or around the thigh, and can be tuned to the individual’s preferred training regimen. They feature an automated pump that does not require manual pumping to achieve proper pressure, as with previous models of the device. A safety mechanism prevents pressures from exceeding preset levels, so that one won’t cause a serious health issue.

“As the fitness industry continues to grow rapidly, so does the demand for new and innovative training tools,” said Nicholas Colosi, founder of SmartTools, in a press release. “We see tremendous value in introducing these consumer friendly cuffs to the public, and are excited to expand the reach of BFR beyond clinical, and educate the fitness community on the safety and benefits of this technique.”

Product page: SmartCuffs

Via: SmartTools

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