StethoMe At-Home Stethoscope for Detection of Respiratory Issues in Kids Cleared in Europe

StethoMe, a company headquartered in Poznań, Poland, just won the European CE mark for its eponymous digital stethoscope and accompanying software that analyzes recorded sounds for signs of respiratory problems.

StethoMe is intended to be used by parents to check on their kids when there are signs of sickness. Instead of immediately bringing the child in for an exam, a parent can perform a basic auscultation and send the recording for analysis by the company’s AI-powered algorithms to look for signs of distress.

The system can warn the parent of potential issues and share the respiratory recording with the child’s pediatrician. The doctor can then make a decision on whether to ask the child to come in, go to the ER, or stay home and look for any changes in condition.

It is hoped that such an approach will lead to fewer unnecessary visits to the doctor, as the parent can also perform basic tests on body temperature, and even share live video of the child with the pediatrician.

StethoMe, the company, claims that its stethoscope offers a much higher fidelity level over existing offerings, which gives physicians more confidence in deciding how to triage a patient remotely.

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