Tiny Medical Imaging Sensor Sets Guinness World Record

OmniVision Technologies, a Santa Clara, California firm, just announced that it has won the Guinness World Record for “The Smallest Commercially Available Image Sensor”. The OV6948 sensor was designed for use in catheters and endoscopes, allowing these devices to be as small as possible while also providing high quality imaging from within the body.

Measuring only 0.575 mm x 0.575 mm x 0.232 mm, the sensor was identified by Transparency Market Research, an Indian firm, as the smallest commercially available imaging device. It provides 200 x 200 pixels of acquisition at 30 frames per second, and works well under low-light environments (1000 mV/lux-sec sensitivity).

OmniVision, realizing that the sensor will end up in close proximity to healthy tissues, made sure to minimize the heat it generates, thereby allowing it to be used for extended time periods.

Guinness World Records entry: Smallest commercially available image sensor

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Via: OmniVision

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