Wearable Premature Ejaculation Therapy Device

Morari Medical, a Minnesota firm, claims to have developed a wearable, smartphone controlled device for treating premature ejaculation (PE). A prototype of the device was shown off at CES 2020, although there were no demonstrations of its capabilities.

The device uses neuromodulation to mediate the signals passing between the brain and nerves within the penis responsible for triggering ejaculation. “PE is the number one male sexual dysfunction, yet most men don’t want to talk about it,” said Jeff Bennett, founder of Morari Medical. “The use of neuromodulation is a common modality that has been proven to treat a variety of different medical conditions. Our product will employ neuromodulation and is intended to be easy-to-use, discreet, and won’t interfere with the partner’s enjoyment.”

The company has now partnered with San Diego Sexual Medicine to study Morari Medical’s technology with real patients and evaluate its promise as a commercial product, which the firm hopes to make available in 2021.

Link: Morari Medical

Via: Morari press release

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