Xenoscope Disposable 5mm Laparoscope FDA Cleared

Xenocor, a Salt Lake City company, won FDA clearance for its Xenoscope 5mm articulating disposable laparoscope. The device requires no sterilization re-processing between procedures and is thrown away after it’s used, avoiding the necessity for servicing contracts. The entire system being quite compact, it doesn’t need its own large image processing tower.

“Disposable laparoscopes can reduce hospital costs and prevent cross-contamination between patients,” said John Langell MD, President, NEOMED, Greater Cleveland, in a Xenocor press release. “Disposable scopes can also reduce downtime and waiting, while providing consistent image quality for each use.”

The device produces a 1080P high-definition picture and features an anti-fog system that keeps the view clear. It can be integrated with any HD monitor, most tablets, and other display devices. It includes an integrated light for illumination and a manual focus controller to set the appropriate focal point.

Here’s a video presenting the Xenoscope:

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Link: Xenocor homepage…

Via: Xenocor press release

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