BHS provides efficient, accurate and confidential management of documents for healthcare providers and requestors.

We combine expert, credentialed, professional services with top-tier technologies to effectively meet our customers' short-term and long-term document management needs.

Our services are high-tech and high-touch. Company transparency and empowering leadership styles drive our passionate and performance-based environment. We have a culture of giving back and strive to invest in the people and world around us.

We are an employee-owned organization and committed to long-term relationships and to be true partners to our staff, employees, vendors and community.

Our Team

World class leadership with deep industry experience.

Robin Wood Boue

Managing Partner & CEO

Robin handles the sales and operational side of the business. Her inherent ability to lead dynamic teams to create a product customers love, and a team that loves what they do, comes naturally.

Robin encourages growth and problem-solving within her teams.

Our partner practices appreciate Robin's ability to go beyond symptoms and make systemic improvements and innovative business solutions. This makes her the perfect CEO.

Suresh Sharma

Partner & CTO

Suresh leads the development of the technology-forward platform used by BHS, its partners, and its customers.

Over the past 20 years, Suresh created many ground-breaking software platforms. He is also an investor and board member of a number of technology and service companies in international market verticals.

Suresh has led the development of technology platforms in multiple international organizations and is the owner of Priya International software company.

Chris Boue

Partner & CSO

Chris created the original technology for our largest competitor in the release of Information space.

Prior to BHS, Chris was involved in building enterprise managed care systems for Blue Cross Blue Shield, WellPoint, and other notable companies.

Chis ran a venture-backed company through 2008’s recession, bringing it to profitability for the first time since its inception. It was recognized as one of Inc.’s Fastest Growing Companies.

BHS Connect is a leading Release of Information provider defined by an all-encompassing culture of Passion, Care, and Commitment.

<b>Each year BHS gives 10% of its profits to enrich our community, region and world.</b>
Each year BHS gives 10% of its profits to enrich our community, region and world.


Passionately serve customers who value our solution and business partnership. Exceeding customer expectations is standard operating procedure for all team members. Secondary plan B's will be put in place for all customer focused, solution critical activities. We strive to be both high tech and high touch giving customers top customer service. We strive for positive outcomes for all stakeholders (team members, customers, investors, vendors, and community) resulting in a Win, Win. Personal and professional ethics come before anything. A heartfelt "Thank You" can never be used enough with team members, partners or customers.


Care for employees, Team players/shareholders, contractors, partners and investors that influence the success of BHS. A genuine concern for anything effecting staff members and their families, leaders / company transparency (giving both truth and hope) "Open book" incentives for goals/budget attainment for frontline team members allowing a "win/lose together" environment.

Leadership Styles: Empowering, Caring, Coaching Recruiting priority is on team member's culture fit for a performance based, passionate environment where everyone is committed to the team success.


Commitment to the company and team success is the norm not the exception. Leadership will keep vision in the forefront allowing team members to see their part of the "Big Picture".

Team members will be encouraged, coached, and empowered to think and act like owners. Quick to address critical issues and implement impactful solutions.