Complete Release Services

Our HIM-experienced management and HIPAA-certified staff remove the ROI workload by managing the entire ROI process.

Using an industry-leading technology platform and HIM best practices, BHS improves turnaround times, streamlines workflows and ensures HIPAA / HITECH compliance.

Dedicated Technology Partner

Our industry leading platform works with all EHR systems to better utilize your staff in reducing turn around times, resource cost and liability.

Benefit from dedicated account management, saving up to 50% of your staff processing time, expenses, and resource utilization without outsourcing the critical selection of records.

Remote Release Services

For any EMR-enabled hospital, acute care facility, private practice or clinic network, centralized ROI completely relieves your staff from the burden and distraction of ROI processing at your facilities.

BHS' certified staff will facilitate the entire ROI workflow from our HIPAA-compliant centralized operation via secure access to your EMR.


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One Release of Information
Solution for 100% Breach Protection

Why risk it?

Information disclosure is a complicated and exacting activity. Getting the correct information to the right people, while avoiding inadvertently giving confidential information to the wrong people, is more than just a hassle; it's fraught with peril. Why not partner with one of the leading providers of Release of Information (ROI) services and ease your mind?

We are innovation specialists and technology trailblazers, driving leading-edge advancements that streamline work processes, guarantee exactness, drive consistency, bolster interoperability, and enable significantly-enhanced information exchange.

Discover our advanced technologies that can protect your organization from risk:

  • Document Management
    Save your organization's resources, cash, and time by taking advantage of our document management applications.
  • Release of Information
    Minimize your disclosure risk with radical accuracy achieved at unmatched speeds through the utilization of effective technology.
  • Disclosure Auditing
    Our cloud-based technology enables complete tracking, management, and reporting inside, outside, and around the Health Information Management department.
  • Government Payer Audit Tracking
    BHS' platform efficiently manages government payer audits safely in our secure cloud.
  • Government Programs for PHI Exchange
    Total compliance and improved efficiency with Social Security Administration Disability Determination Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and all other government ROI inquiries.

Healthcare HIPAA
Consulting Solutions

Release of Information Solutions

Our high-touch high-tech approach creates uniquely innovative Release of Information (ROI) services that meet and exceed the requirements of healthcare providers. Our solutions enable both local and national deployment, providing our clients with the ability to customize whatever delivery model works best for them. Our dynamic platform, compliant workflows, exceptional relationships, and world-class customer support results in market-leading client satisfaction scores.

We offer these advanced technology flexible solutions to flex to your organization's risk protection needs:

  • Shared Services
    BHS Connects provides accounts payable, accounts receivable, quality assurance, record distribution, and other functions your organization requires. All your organization needs to provide is operational staff.
  • Staffed Services
    BHS Connect takes over the full operation of your Release of Information model, providing both functionality and staff. This allows your organization to focus on its core compentency and leave the Release of Information to us.
  • Remote Services
    If your organization operates on a fully-electronic infrastructure, BHS Connect can provide all Release of Information services remotely from our Ohio-based facility. Our team will provide your organization with centralized plug-and-play services, allowing your organization to provide your core competency with minimal alteration in your day-to-day operations.

Roll Out

No matter which solution works best for your organization, roll out will be smooth and seamless. We are highly experienced, implementing a wide variety of solutions across a broad spectrum of organizations with zero disruption to mission-critical information management systems. We also provide extensive training to foster thorough understanding and organization-wide adoption of processes and technology.

BHS Connect's Release of Information Workflow

BHS addresses the inefficiencies in traditional ROI through the intelligent use of automation, centralized processing, extraordinarily high levels of quality assurance, and world-class support.

  • Typical Release of Information
    Typical ROI workflow process start with a request arriving from any number of channels, after which onsite staff begin evaulating how best to address the request. Once determining and accommodating for HIPAA compliance issues, staff performs the laundry list of tasks required to fulfill the request. This frequently results in delays, inefficiencies, and errors.
  • BHS Connect Release of Information
    BHS Connect radically improves your Release of Information. We do this through specialization, centralization, and a fastidious focus on quality assurance. Each step of the process is migrated to BHS Connect with a series of QA checks performed throughout the workflow. Every incoming request is validated for appropriate compliance, and all associated tasks are provided with exceptionally high levels of competency. Everything is managed digitally, maximizing efficiency and ensuring the correct information is delivered to the correct address with complete risk protection.

Control & Management

Complete Quality Assurance

Protected Health Information (PHI) must be disclosed with utmost care and accuracy; anything less is bad for the patient, bad for your organization's reputation, and bad for your bottom line. While the typical ROI process discovers the majority of errors, a second review invariably uncovers more. We audit every incoming request for compliance and accuracy, providing an effective bulwark against error.

In addition to quality assurance workflow processes, BHS Connect digitizes all requests, using cutting edge artificial intelligence to seek out issues, and smart automation to resolve the issues. A thorough audit trail is created, ensuring the proper disclosure and 99.99% accuracy of PHI release through our proprietary combination of quality checks, automation, and digitization.

Taking advantage of decades worth of data across numerous organizational and technological strata, BHS Connect has created proprietary analytic models and tools. These models and tools enable us to deliver considerable efficiency, accuracy, and compliance gains over the traditional Release of Information methods.