Definity Cervical Dilator Unveiled for Easier Access to Uterus

Hologic is releasing a new cervical dilator, designed for more comfortable and consistent access to the uterine cavities, which doesn’t require the use of tenaculum pincers.

The Definity cervical dilator features SureAccess balloon technology, developed with CrossBay Medical, a small California firm. It has an inflatable, flexible distal end that lets physicians advance the instrument through even tortuous anatomy. This should result in less trauma, make procedures quicker, and allow for treatment even in some cases of severe stenosis.

“Physicians frequently encounter variable cervical anatomy, which can create risk and increase discomfort for patients and time delay with procedures,” said Edward Evantash, M.D., Medical Director and Vice President of Global Medical Affairs, Hologic, in a press release. “The Definity dilator is an innovative alternative to fixed size dilators for a range of intrauterine procedures. This gives physicians more confidence in the dilation process so they can focus on their procedures, not accessing the cavity.”

The device is being released in the United States in three sizes (5 mm, 7 mm, and 9 mm)

Product page: Definity cervical dilator

Via: Hologic

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