Smith & Nephew Releases PICO 7Y Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in U.S.

In the United States, Smith & Nephew is releasing its PICO 7Y negative pressure therapy system that can treat two wounds at the same time. The device uses a single pump to support two dressings thanks to a special Y extension. The capability helps to reduce costs and makes it easier on patients. Women undergoing a double mastectomy, for example, will certainly benefit from not having to wear two separate devices during recovery.

The PICO 7Y uses Smith & Nephew’s AIRLOCK technology that helps to ensure that the negative pressure is evenly distributed across the wound while evaporation and absorption pull moisture away.

A variety of dressings are available to use with the PICO 7Y that conform to the curvature of the body. There’s an indicator that helps to decide when to change dressings, the use of which can help to reduce the number of changes.

The company has also worked to lower the noise level of the PICO 7Y over the original PICO, something that patients who have to listen to it 24/7 will certainly appreciate.

The current announcement follows the release of the system in Europe last year.

Product page: PICO 7Y

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Via: Smith & Nephew

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