Patient Request for Medical Records

"We serve the patient."

For the convenience of patients and/or their legal guardians, you have the option to request and receive copies of your medical records online more securely with a tracking number to track the progress. The online option provides faster turnaround time for your request as it eliminates the delays caused by traditional mail.

Below you will find buttons to submit a request for medical records to either yourself (called Patient Personal) or to a third party like another Medical Provider, Attorney, Insurance Company or Government Agency. If you have questions about the process, either text us by clicking the bubble found on the bottom right of your webpage, or give us a call at our customer care line: 513-898-1044.

It only takes a few minutes to request your medical records. Please have a copy of your government photo ID ready.

Click this button to request your medical records go to you as a patient that will be sent via a secure link sent to your email. The records will be shown in our secure portal which can be printed or downloaded for 90 days for your personal use.

Click this button to track a request that you have already submitted. You will be able to see when our staff has found your records, done a Quality Assurance check of the records and sent the records.

Our Team uses industry leading technology and processes allowing us to fulfill these Medical Record requests in 2-3 business days. These requests can be done on a computer, table or smartphone and you will receive a confirmation via the method you select (Text or Email) when the records are delivered. This request portal is designed for patients or parties with the power to make healthcare decisions on behalf of a patient. Parties with the power to make decisions on behalf of a patient will need to provide documentation of your authority to make healthcare decisions for the patient to be able to use this portal. Third parties must send their requests to the medical facility directly.

If you need assistance with this portal, we are happy to help! Feel free to contact us by clicking on the bubble at the bottom right or calling our Customer Care line at 513-898-1044.