Xcision GammaPod High Precision Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Cleared in Europe

Xcision, a company out of Columbia, Maryland, won EU regulatory clearance to introduce its GammaPod stereotactic radiotherapy system. The device is used to help treat breast cancer, and the technology within it may help to make treatments faster and more accurate compared to existing radiotherapy systems.

The system relies on a special breast cup, within which the treated breast is positioned and immobilized. This allows the stereotactic, thin beam radiation to be very accurately targeted at the lesion o

Using the GammaPod, physicians can deliver partial breast irradiation along with breast conserving treatment in five sessions or less. Some patients that are prescribed whole breast irradiation with a tumor bed boost may end up receiving only one boost treatment instead of multiple.

Whether the new technology delivers on all of its promises will be tested in a number of clinical trials organized by the GammaPod Consortium. One of the goals will be to test whether there is a benefit from receiving radiation from the GammaPod ahead of surgery and whether in some cases the radiotherapy treatment may make surgery unnecessary. “The ability of GammaPod to noninvasively deliver conformal radiation doses to only the affected area of the breast with the precision of stereotactic radiotherapy could certainly de-escalate care and reduce the burden of today’s protracted treatments on patients,” said Cedric Yu, DSc, Xcision founder and chief executive officer.

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